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septiembre 19, 2021 1 lectura mínima

No matter how much dedication you showed in designing a custom t-shirt, if you do not know how to care for t-shirts, your efforts go in vain. Even the best of the Custom One Online t-shirts can get ruined if you do follow the custom t-shirt care instructions. If you feel lost about how to wash a t-shirt or care for it, here is an ultimate guide.

How to take care of t-shirts

Wash care:

It is very important to know how to wash a t-shirt in the right manner. You must always follow t shirt care instructions which include:

  • Turn the t-shirt inside put.
  • Wash it with cold water.
  • Use a gentler cycle wash and dry.

If there are any additional custom t-shirt care instructions, keep them in mind as well.

Removing stains from custom t-shirt

Things can get messy at times and stains are bad news. If you have got a stain on your t-shirt, you must know how to remove it. We offer you detailed printable t-shirt care instructions at Custom One which include stain removal instructions as well.  Some general guidelines include:

  • Wash the stain as early as possible.
  • Soak the t shirt in water and detergent solution.
  • Use a stain cleaner
  • Wash the t-shirt using the t-shirt care instructions free.