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octobre 22, 2021 4 lecture min.

What are your thoughts about a custom t-shirt with an exemplary design? Impressive, isn’t it? Well, creating a perfect design for custom t-shirt printing is no piece of cake. With no advanced designing tools and computer programs in hand, things may look even tougher. So, what is the right approach to procreate t-shirt design that works for the cause and makes the garment your favorite? Well, we recommend partnering with a professional designer to work for an established t-shirt design.

We understand your concerns and are happy to present you with our custom design process. As your favorite custom t-shirt printing company, we are here to help you with your t-shirt design requirements and help you understand how professional designers create mesmerizing designs for your t-shirts.

established t shirt design_procreate t shirt design_work t-shirt design_t shirt requirements

Work on the design brief

The better you explain your design idea to the designer, the more accurate he/ she will be in creating the right design. Leaving the designer clueless about your ideas and expectations often leads to a long design process where both parties feel frustrated.

When you complete the process in fragments, you will be able to complete it faster and with much less frustration and repeated work.

Identify the design requirements

The first step towards a smooth and sorted design process is understanding what you want. There must be certain elements of the design that you may not compromise at any cost and a few others that can be at the free discretion of the designer. Date of the event, company logo, brand slogan, any creative that represents the organization, or business are a few elements that would be non-negotiable.

We make it easy for you to offer the right info to the designer. Explaining the mood of the t-shirt is a great help for the designer to understand the t shirt design requirements.

Have all the image files in one place

If there are logos or any other imagery related to the business, event or the cause to be added to the design, make sure you have all the files in one place. The designers need to understand all the vital elements of the design & t-shirt requirements to work t-shirt design.

Note: Ensure that all the image files you send to the designer are of high quality to ensure accurate and clear printing.

established t shirt design_procreate t shirt design_work t-shirt design_t shirt requirements

Know what others say about it?

A community has different mindsets and preferences. You must be very careful about the established t-shirt design and ensure that it is loved by one and all. If you have already worked on a community t-shirt requirement, you would know what the popular designs were. Even better, talk to your community and get their feedback on your ideas. When you collect information about their likes and dislikes, you will know what is best for the t-shirt requirements.

Be specific when you choose a custom t shirt designer and printer company. If the designer & printer does not align with your style, you won’t get the right outcome. At Custom One Online, we are known for our diversity in style and hence are the preferred choice of printer and custom t-shirt designer online.

established t shirt design_procreate t shirt design_work t-shirt design_t shirt requirements

Get inspired

Being a designer is a different level. You need skills, expertise, knowledge and experience. However, even without these features, you can know a design and decide whether or not it will be effective for your cause or loved by your community. There are hundreds and thousands of sources from where you can get design inspiration. Pinterest, Instagram, Dribble, and more are a few reliable sources check what you like about designs and you will have a clear understanding of color, style, & fonts that you would like to share with the designer. This info will help the designer to set the track right and proceed to create the right design.

established t shirt design_procreate t shirt design_work t-shirt design_t shirt requirements

Note down the details in the brief

It is time to get to the brief detailing. Now that you have all the necessary information with you- design guidelines and imagery- you must write down the design brief. You must confirm the style of the brief with your designer and accordingly draft one.

We follow a step-by-step approach to brief drafting at Custom One Online. Each step extracts information from you and collects it to take you to the next level where you work with a representative who helps you in writing the brief. We value your responses and if required, would ask for additional information to make a solid brief.

We recommend that you be open with the representative and communicate whatever ideas you have. Once the design brief is submitted by the  

established t shirt design_procreate t shirt design_work t-shirt design_t shirt requirements

Review the design

With all their expertise, our designers work on the design creation and reach to you with established t shirt design for review. You can check the design details and share your feedback. If you need to get approvals before you give us a go-ahead, this is the right time.

If you want any changes, make sure you explain them at length. Identify the core changes and we will be happy to work on them and procreate a t-shirt design that suits your requirements.  From design details to fonts, color selection to their intensity and more, we can correct everything for you and craft perfection.

established t shirt design_procreate t shirt design_work t-shirt design_t shirt requirements

The final step:

Finally, you are in the last leg of the process. The designers have made the alterations as per your feedback and sent you the final draft. You can find the design at the Custom One Online designing interface from where it is easier to check the design compatibility with different t-shirt styles and colors.

How your partnership with a professional designer unfolds is totally dependent on your approach, it can either save you a lot of time and resources or make the entire process stressful and frustrating. At Custom One Online, we ensure that you enjoy it a better way and have a happy experience of working with our expert designers. All you need is a thoughtful approach towards the design process and this guide from the experts at Custom One Online. Happy Designing!