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novembre 02, 2021 3 lecture min.

Custom t-shirts have set a new trend in the fashion industry as more and more people prefer wearing a trendy, comfortable and classy t-shirt. Thanks to the design and t-shirt color combinations, you have a myriad of choices to pick from as per your need or occasion. But do you really know how to choose a shirt color right?

Good t-shirt color combinations can make the attire look ravishing. However, there are a certain controversial set of colors that would rather look dumb. With hundreds of t-shirt printing color combinations, it is natural to feel confused, especially when you are new to the game.

Fret not, the experts at Custom One Online have made this amazing list of best t-shirt design color combinations that are in a hit in 2021 & beyond.

Best t-shirt design color combinations

The rule for choosing the best-shirt color combinations is easy. You need to steer away from dull and boring combinations and instead choose vibrant and refreshing colors. You must also know the basic rule of what goes well with darker and lighter shades.

How to choose a shirt color?

Lighter shades are tricky. If you are using lighter tones, especially pastels, you must know that they do not look very attractive from a distance. You must add an outline of a darker shade to the lighter-colored t-shirts to highlight the text and design details.

Darker colors may be deceiving and many dark colors look different on the color screen than they look on the fabric. They may look distorted or dull when printed hence you need to be wise.

Let us check out some cool t-shirt color combinations for your 2021 wardrobe:

  • Olive and Gold

One of the good t-shirt color combinations that are recommended by fashion experts is Olive+ Gold. The combination of these two deep colors looks amazingly cool. The Olive background brings subtleness while the gold adds shine.

  • Orange & Blue

Whether you consider the color wheel or evaluate the balance that Blue & Yellow did to each other, you will know that the combination is just perfect. However, we do not recommend pairing dark blue and orange together and instead of toning down the shades for a better fit.

  • Blue & White

One of the best combinations from the t-shirt design color palette is Blue + White. Be a little creative and you can make different effects from the combination by tuning the shade into darker and lighter tones.

  • Maroon & White

One from the extreme darker family and the other the neutral one. Pairing two extreme colors together brings a perfect combination for your custom t-shirts. The white design on a maroon background pops out. You can use it for bold designs as well as for finer details as it is a reliable color matching t-shirt color combination.

  • Red & Yellow

As out of the box as this idea may sound to you, the combination actually looks pretty. You can play with the shade intensity and bring the tones to a perfect balance to get the desired results.

  • Blue & Grey

Blue also goes well with Grey and together they two make one of the best-shirt color combinations. Different shades of blue and grey when combined give cool tone options that are endless.

  • Red, Orange & Yellow

These three warm colors combine to offer you endless choices of amazing t-shirt printing color combinations. The color allows you to establish great designs that communicate your messages through the tees.

  • Rainbow Colors

It looks amazing in the sky and also on your favorite t-shirt. Rainbow colors are one of the cool t-shirt color combinations that you can try for your t-shirt printing. They give the apparel a playful, happening and trendy appeal.

  • Neutral

If you are searching for the best t-shirt design color combinations, try painting neutrals. The colors of earthy neutral complement each there so well and offer you great combinations.

  • Grey & Black

Another combination of two dull and dark colors, that is killer. You will be so impressed by the combination of these two colors that all your next custom shirts are going to be in these tones only.

  • Green, Green and Greener

Different shades of green when combined creatively bring out the best types of t-shirt color combinations. Blend different shades together to create amazing designs.

  • Forest Green & Pink

Forest green is so soothing and when paired with baby pink, it looks even more amazing. The combination is perfect for a custom t-shirt for young adults and kids.

Now that you know the best-shirt color combinations, pick the right one and get started with the printing at Custom One Online!