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octobre 28, 2021 4 lecture min.

Storytelling is the most powerful marketing tactic that allows businesses to connect with their consumers. In the context of Custom T-Shirts, storytelling is the way you can boost the results of your fundraising efforts and establish a stronger relationship with your audience.

Whether you are organizing a community event or a fundraiser for some cause, with a tell your story t-shirt that narrates the story behind the cause, you can get more favorable outcomes.

Telling A Story With Your Tee

Know your story and how it is helpful for the cause:

First of all, you need to understand what your story is and how it is related to the cause. If you have already established yourself, you must have a story and all you need to do is find a connection. However, if you are relatively new and haven’t decided what story you would like to narrate, you must

The connection between the cause and the story is very important. You must include the cause n your story in a very natural way. Why do you want to work for the cause is a crucial question that the story must answer? Whether it is on an organizational level or on an individual level, tell your story t-shirts to allow you to relate and connect with the target.

Core elements of making a tell your story t-shirt

  1. Connection with the cause
  2. Why you chose the cause
  3. Your attempts towards the cause so far
  4. What results you have yielded from your efforts?
  5. Where do you draw your motivation from?
  6. What fundraising goals do you seek from this campaign?

Tell your story t-shirts: your most useful aide

The easy-breezy, comfortable and fashionable t-shirts are the most loved outfit. Whether you are a sports team, a college student or perhaps an active member of the community working towards the cause. If you wear a t-shirt that makes you comfortable and at the same time allows you to stand for your team, friends or community, there is nothing better than that. The tell your story t-shirt is one such amazing apparel that makes you connect with the cause. Now if you are the organizer of the event, you can use the t-shirts to combine your participants/ audience in one single thread.

The guide to making the best tell your story t-shirts

As soon as you are ready with your powerful story, you must get started with the creation of the tell your story t-shirt. The goals you are trying to achieve and the story you want to tell to your consumers, community members or audience must be skillfully seeded in your t-shirt. But how? Let the experts at Custom One Online help you with the various steps of communicating your story through your t-shirt.

Tell your story t-shirt design

The t-shirt design is the most powerful way to narrate your story. The core of the tell your story t-shirt, design is your primary approach to storytelling. When working on the t-shirt design, it is crucial to be thoughtful. Take a deep approach to the t-shirt design to ensure that the final creative connects you to the story and at the same time establishes an emotional as well as practical connection with the participants. The design of the t-shirt must feel unique and personal to your cause and should make you feel united.

Some core ways to narrate your story through your t-shirt include:

  • You are working towards a cause and raising funds to achieve the desired results. Try and include the final use of the funds in the illustrations and let the users know what they are contributing to. If you are working for underprivileged children, let the creative show what you will do to help them. Similarly, if you are making an animal shelter or a playground for the kids, show the final blueprints.
  • If you are concerned about a cause-related with a wider geographical area or perhaps a location, include the map or the location details in the design.
  • You have a motto, a phrase that you stand for or just a popular quote that describes your cause. Use the phrase as the part of your design and communicate the message naturally.

Telling A Story With Your Tee

Tell your story t-shirt campaign page

At Custom One, we are concerned about your needs and offer you all sorts of help that you need to communicate your story. A campaign page is an amazing way to connect with your audience and narrate your story. We allow you to add pictures, videos and audio to your campaign page which enhances the effects. Pictures and videos can say a thousand words and hence you must include them on your campaign page.

  • You must have worked for the cause in the past. Let the new people joining you’re for the cause know what you have done in the past. Showing the before pictures and the changes you have made so far and also show the participants know how they can help.
  • Show the people who are already on the team. Add photos, videos and their testimonials. A video testimonial is the best way to connect with your audience.
  • Let the audience know the solution of the cause. Show the solution on the campaign page and let the audience know what they are contributing to.

Tell your story t-shirt promotion

You need to be very attentive towards telling your story about T-Shirt Promotions. Until and unless to promote the t-shirt you won’t be able to sell more of them and collect the funds required. To promote, you must:

  • Be transparent about the use of the funds you will collect. Let the audience know how much money you will need and how you will use it.
  • Speak the community language. You must be vocal about the community’s needs and show how you can help your community with the fundraiser.
  • Keep the audience posted about the ongoing work. The progress keeps them reminded that you are actively working towards the cause.

Now that you have enough understanding, let’s get started with your next tell your story t-shirt design!