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October 30, 2021 3 min read

To choose the right t-shirt fabric, you must first know what the popular types are. At Custom One, we spoil you with choices and bring you the best assortment of t-shirt material types- each one offering the highest quality, comfort and characteristics distinctive to them.


What is t-shirt material made of? Have you ever pondered the idea? Well, if you have, we are here to explain. We love to see you make the best choices and hence are here to educate you on types of t-shirt material. Each fabric choice offered at Custom One Online is best for your printing endeavors. So, let us decode them here:

Different types of t-shirt material:

  • 100% Cotton

100% Cotton

The most popular t-shirt material, cotton is a plant-based fiber 100% cotton is made from open-end fibers and hence is sturdier than other cotton variants.  It is an all-weather fabric and perfect for those with skin sensitivity problems. It is a highly breathable and comfortable fabric which is a recommended choice for custom t-shirt printing by our experts.

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  • 100% Combed and Ring-Spun Cotton

100% Combed and Ring-Spun Cotton

As per the t-shirt material name, it is a cotton variant that is made from the cotton fiber ring-spun and all combed to one single direction. The intricate manufacturing process of straightening & combing the cotton fiber makes this t-shirt material softer and more comfortable. It is also lighter and more breathable than its counterparts.

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  • Cotton/Polyester Blends

Cotton/Polyester Blends

The majority of apparel in this market is made of cotton/ polyester blends. Decoding the t-shirt material fabric name, these are the fabric choices that are made with a combination of cotton and polyester. The blend of a natural and a processed fabric ensures that the fabric has a longer life, no shrinkage problem and quick during off ability. It is a popular t-shirt material because it has a cool look, despite being less breathable.

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  • Triblends

When cotton, polyester and Rayon are blended together, it makes tri-blend t-shirt material. While cotton is a natural fiber, both polyester and rayon are synthetic fibers. Rayon is a diverse fiber that is used to create different feels from the fabric. The combination of cotton, rayon and polyester create a super fabric that is light, highly breathable and ultra-soft.

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How to choose the right t-shirt cloth material?

Now that you know what t-shirt material is called, you can make an informed choice. The characteristics of the fabric such as feel, breathability, flexibility, durability and drying ability and more are important factors to consider when choosing the right t-shirt material. However, you must also know about the print results on each fabric type. The print results are different t-shirt materials are exclusive. When you are considering printing custom designs on your t-shirts, you must contemplate the t-shirt design well in advance. At Custom One Online, we are here to help you know the print results for each type of t-shirt fabric.

What are the trending t-shirt colors?

The right color selection can also help you accentuate the feel and appeal of the fabric. Colors like Black, Navy, Grey and green look great on all fabrics. However, cotton is great for lighter colors as it might bleed and darker colors are great for polyester, rayon and other blends.

Now that you know what are the popular t-shirt material fabric name, t-shirt material types and hot color choices, make the right collection and get started with your designing process at Custom One Online!