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September 19, 2021 3 min read

Custom T-Shirts are an amazing way to show your passion towards your community, team, school or any other event or cause. As important as it is to design an awesome t-shirt that conveys your message loud and clear, it is equally important to have a clear understanding of T-Shirt Printing pricing. Whether you are designing a t-shirt for a family event or for a fundraiser, how much is a custom t-shirt worth makes or breaks the budget?

So, how much does a custom t-shirt cost? There is a range of factors that affect the cost of printing a custom t-shirt. You can either choose the printing technology according to your budget or make a budget according to your printing and design requirements. However for this, the understanding of printing techniques and their pros & cons.

Common factors that influence t-shirt printing pricing

How much does it cost to make custom t-shirts? It is the first question to pops up in your mind when you plan to make a t-shirt. Well, here are the few factors that affect the t-shirt printing costs:

  • The product you have chosen.
  • Number of t-shirts, except with no minimum offers
  • Method of t-shirt printing
  • Design location

Let us further bifurcate how much do custom ink t-shirts cost:

At CustomOneOnline, we are very considerate about t-shirt printing pricing. We offer great discounts to make the products affordable for you and ensure budget-friendly shopping.

The all-inclusive custom t-shirt pricing:

You get an exact estimate of the cost of the custom t-shirt as we offer you the exact price per piece which is inclusive of all taxes. There are no hidden charges to complicate the costing part.

Unlike shady companies, we do not keep any costs hidden. The price we show is the price we charge and play a fair game with our clients. We believe in offering an all-inclusive price. Period.

How much is a custom t-shirt when you choose screen printing?

The factors to consider when calculating the screen printing pricing are:

  • Type or style of the shirt you have chosen
  • Quantity of the shirts
  • Color of the shirt & design
  • Number of ink colors needed for the design

Cumulative price list for t-shirt printing:

Quantity leads to the price calculation for screen printing. The larger is your order, the lesser price you will have to pay as the average price comes down to a minimum. Here we have made a cumulative pricing chart to offer you an idea of how much do custom ink t-shirts cost?

(Add list as per their pricing)

How to get started with custom t-shirt printing?

The process is simple. You can either upload your own designs & graphics or take an expert’s help.

  • If you choose to design it yourself, go ahead and use our custom design tool.
    • You can always upload your own graphics to quicken up the process by requesting a quote.
    • Finally, if you are feeling lost or you want unique creatives for your designs, contact our expert designers. Talk to a designer and get started with your custom t-shirt design.

We hope that you will now have a complete understanding of how much does a custom t-shirt cost. Start making your custom t-shirt at Custom One Online now!