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June 28, 2021 4 min read

At Custom One Online, we aim to make our customers satisfied. When you get the best custom t-shirt with your community message and an impressive design, you take the entire event to the next level. While we offer you the freedom to upload your designs and get a custom shirt/ t-shirt printed, we also monitor the entire process to make sure that the final product is at par with your expectations. We have a dedicated team at Custom One Online that monitors the process from end-to-end and ensures that the t-shirt printed at Custom One Online adds value to your wardrobe.

We are very strict with the design review process and watchful for every minute detail. Here is a detailed guide to our design review process and the real conversion of your designs to awesome prints.

screen print placement guide_screen print locations_screen printing placement guide

#1: Checking the color profile:

This is the first step of the process after you have uploaded/ selected the design, chosen the color and made other choices. In this process, our experts check that the selections you have made (artwork, color combination and more) will print well on the fabric. Some key points we check include:

  • Artwork quality
  • Color contrasts
  • Screen print locations selected & more

We welcome your choices and are readily available to print whatever you want us to. However, we also want to ensure that you have a realistic expectation from the final print. A simple selection error can cause you serious disappointment and we do not want it for our users. If we notice anything unusual in your selection, a representative from our team connects with you and together we sort things out.

#2: Preparing the art file:

This is the technical part of the process where professional designers come to action. After the issues reported are resolved, the team of skilled designers work on your design requirements and create the design file. According to the screen printing placement guide, you need to very careful when screen printing. There are 8 colors available and each color is printed separately.

The designers work on the design file and create it in a layered manner so that each layer can be used to make separate screens. Once the design is layered, we assign Pantone colors for each color as the colors of the artwork are RGB digital color space and must be converted into Pantone color space.

screen print placement guide_screen print locations_screen printing placement guide

Can you print a photograph on my t-shirt?

As much as we will love to, the screen print placement guide & colors restrict us from printing the photograph on a t-shirt in its full glory. A photograph may contain thousands of colors whereas there are only 8 Pantone colors. The conversion can prove damaging to the original design and you might not get the original details of the photograph when printed on a t-shirt.

What to do when the design file is small in size?

It’s best if you could provide us with a file that is at least 800 px by 800 px. However, even if you have a file measuring 200px by 200px, we are happy to help and print it on the t-shirt of your choice. Our team works on the recreation of such small files, smoothening the lines, drawing the design if required, and tracing elements.

Do you print hand-drawn sketches on t-shirts?

Yes, we do print hand drawn designs on paper onto the t-shirts. You must click a photograph of the design and upload it to the design tool. However, make sure that the design is digitalized and flattened. Our screen printing placement guide has its own limitations and we are sad that we cannot add shading & gradients to the final print on the garment.

I use professional designing tools to create designs. Do you accept Ai files or .eps files for printing?

It is best to provide us with AI files. The Custom One Online design tool allows you to directly upload the design. From here, we take up and start the design review process. If you want additional help, you can connect with us anytime. Our representatives will be happy to explain what files we do and do not accept.

screen print placement guide_screen print locations_screen printing placement guide

#3: Checking screen print locations  

The artwork is done and it is time to check the screen print locations. As per the screen print placement guide to ensure that the placement of the design is apt on your apparels. The placement you choose for the design on the design tools remains the same for all T-shirts. We ensure:

·       No prints are placed on or above the seam crossing the upper chest to the back of the Football Jersey tees.

·       The screenprint location is just right to be printed on the front hand warmer pocket of the hoodie/ sweatshirts.

·       The design is not placed very high on the Slouchy tops as the garment has low front and back cuts.

#4: The final check:

This is where we recheck all the aspects of the design and screen print locations referring to the screen printing placement guide to ensure nothing goes wrong. We ensure that the colors, design and other elements are correct and you pay for what you expected. By the end of this step, the design s fully prepared to be processed to the printers for final printing.

screen print placement guide_screen print locations_screen printing placement guide

Printing a perfect custom t-shirt for you!

As the design review process is complete, the printing department takes over the process. The files are sent to the team to use the latest screen-printing tech to make the finest custom t-shirts. It may take a few days and you get your order delivered to your doorstep.

At Custom One Online, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction! You have every right to expect the best from us and we will live to the promise.