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January 24, 2022 4 min read

T-Shirt Printing Design Ideas

A T-Shirt is your canvas to blend your imagination and creativity aesthetically. If you want to create a buzz on social media and in the community, you must follow 10 Custom T-Shirt Printing Design Ideas Trends for 2022.
I know you might have your own ideas, but following trends means getting more likes and followers without doing much. You can go with trends and express your own thoughts, viewpoints, and creativity alongside them.
And the best part is, these designs are super cool and worth considering. So, are you ready to explore them? Let’s check them out.

Psychedelic World 

People are so much invested in the world of Fungi, and they are ready to embrace it as their t-shirt design. In 2022, you need to step into the psychedelic world. Whether you pick a funny quote or mushroom as the main hero, you will end up creating the funniest t-shirt design of the year, indeed.

Sign Language T-Shirts 

Do you have a special message to convey? Maybe you support a cause and need to gain attention on a specific message. In that case, you can make the most of quite a trendy T-shirt design, aka Sign language or hand illustration. When finger-pointing at a specific message, no one will ignore it. You can better emphasize with hand and sign language. Go as creative as you can, and make your t-shirt design simply astonishing.

Axolotl Custom Hoodie

Do you need a weird yet funny theme for your next custom t-shirt design? Well, the best idea here is to go with axolotls. This animal has both weird and funny sides. No matter what other illustrations or drawings you combine with him, the design will overload cuteness for sure.


Dinosaurs are extinct, but I don’t think a Dinosaur t-shirt design will ever go out of trend. The same is true this year. If you are thinking of bringing a fantastic theme to life for an upcoming kid’s party, Multi-color dinosaurs with different body shapes and designs seem like the perfect theme.

Dark Comedy Theme

After watching Barry, you find yourself more into dark comedy. And it’s when you realize that the same theme can be integrated into a shirt. The design will be funny but very dark at the same time. Use a design studio, let your imagination fly as high as possible, and don’t forget to dig deep into the dark world. Generally, people use black backgrounds, but you can start with a colorful shirt instead of black in the drawing.

Animal Portrait Shirt Trend

Whether you check Instagram of celebrities or animal rights groups, one design that is creating a great buzz is animal portraits. You can feature your own animal in this design and add a simple line below the portrait. This statement should be eye-catching and meaningful to influence animal love in society.

Repeating Text T-Shirt Design

No one likes to repeat a text and read it over and over again. Why don’t you give them what they don’t like? Yes, I’m talking about repeating the same text over and over with different shades and styles on your next custom apparel. One who looks at your shirt will read the text once, twice but not thrice as it will be the time when he will wink at you and ask, “Why the repetition?” and the answer is “It’s the most trendy shirt design. In 2022.” Please give this answer with a bland smile.

Digital Drawing

Want to make the real fashion statement in 2022? Throw pencil and paper and download an application to get your digital drawing ready. It will hardly take ten minutes to do that. I mean installing an app, uploading your picture, and turning it into a digital drawing. Now share that drawing with us and let our designer create the best illustrative drawing for you.

Pixel Art T-Shirts

Are you a geek? If you love to breathe in the gaming world, your t-shirt design should be as trendy as pixel art. I know this art brings a nostalgic feeling, but if you pick the right message and choose the right design, it will become very cool in real life. You should know at this point that pixel art designing is never easy. You either need to hire a designer or simply learn this art. If nothing seems viable, simply share your pixel art idea with us and let our designers take the hassle of designing away from you.

Comic Book T-Shirt 

Whether you are a fan of comic books or not, you can’t overlook this out-of-box T-shirt design trend of 2022. Marvel fans are sharing many T-shirts on Social media with their favorite characters. You can do the same but try adding a bit of your own story and statement to look different.

Wrap Up

Finally, you have a clear picture of the top 10 Custom T-Shirt printing design ideas trends for 2022. Do you have some other creative ideas? Feel free to share!